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Feb. 26, 2021

Purim (February 25, 26, 2021) is a time of great celebration by Jews as they recall the Old Covenant Scriptures recorded in Esther's Book bearing her name. From the beginning of recorded history, it is obvious that women have had power over men. Mainstream news media keeps reminding us of female influence over men for good or bad. I find it interesting that one man seemed impervious to this fault in a TV series titled Gunsmoke. Marshall Dillon never fell for the temptations no matter what.

Esther, the main character in the story, was a beautiful young Jewish girl. She was chosen because of her beauty and wisdom to become queen to replace Vashti, who had just been dethroned as queen. Oddly, God is not named in the Old Covenant Book of Esther, although His positive activity in human affairs is seen throughout the small book of ten chapters. Other great stories of special women such as Deborah, Ruth, and Hannah testify that God utilizes women of high character to change the world for the better.



Feb. 7, 2021

United State Presidents come from varied backgrounds. One of the most memorable moments came when the movie star, Ronald Reagan, became America's potential president. At first, it seemed weird that a movie star would make the right candidate. Then, shortly afterward, Paul Harvey mentions a phrase that made sense. Although not a movie buff,  I quickly saw the light. Harvey said, "It's who he surrounds himself with." After all, Reagan had been a Governor 

My recall was a Bible principle of keeping company with good people. It's something good parents stress with their children in some form or another. Curiosity continued, and perceptions changed. The more I thought about it, the more sense it made. Reagan was a conservative and "Power to the people" kind of person. For the first time, I liked his Democrat opponent as a down-to-earth person. As time passed, my choice was promoted, and I physically energized my joy when he was elected. Even one, Tip O'Neil, stated referring to his Party, "We didn't have anyone to match him."

No offense intended here. What do you think of an outsider (non-politician) who focuses on the PEOPLE? Why do I capitalize every letter in the word "PEOPLE?" Simple! The story goes that someone wanted to know President's tonality and word emphasis in the famous "Gettysburg Address. He emphasized the word, PEOPLE. Read this..." a government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE shall not perish." When have you ever heard that quotation stated with such emphasis? Maybe never before! 

Godly PEOPLE considers Reagan along with Lincoln as two of the best. Did you hear Trumps's Inaugural where he stated, " ...we are transferring power from Washington, DC and giving it back to you, the American People."? 

Reagan was born on February 6, 1911, and I close with happy memories on this Presidents' Day, February 15, 2021. Besides his successful presidency, the "great communicator" excelled in communication with his bride. Remember that, guys! The women like daily notes from their husbands better than yearly valentines.


















Jan. 5, 2021

Dates have always been a measure of significance in history. Some, like your birth date, is personal. Some are of national significance. This January 5, 2021, is special regarding America's future, and our posterity will forever feel the impact. America's future is in the balance. Will we cease to be "One Nation Under God" as the framers of the Constitution intended regarding freedom to exercise the God-given blessing of choice? Today is a double whammy. 

National: Senate race in Georgia. I look more profound than the most obvious signaled by a political party. Democrat and Republican are used for quick reference. Basically, I'm neither.  My search is for what is best for my faith, family, and nation. The Senate runoff will determine whether we continue as a free nation or succumb to an oppressive government. 

Personal: loss of a family member. On this day, Tara called me at about 4:30 AM to take her to the emergency room for what she thought was a kidney stone. I hurried around, not knowing this would be the last day to see her alive.  Since then, I did seven short posts. This is the eighth. The accompanying photo was discovered since my last post. Fortunately, my last words to her were, "I love you."

Feb. 23, 2020

Why do some people search for and pay high prices for artwork? There seems to be some character that comes through that cannot be photographed. Of course, some artwork will have value because of the artist, rarity, or one-of-a-kind uniqueness. Indeed there is a place for this. Photographs often capture our interest sufficiently. One day in 1992, my attitude changed upon seeing the accompanying image. You may agree that some artists can bring out character not readily observed in mere photographs. 

This portrait in watercolor motivated wonder in what might be possible with other favorite characters. Recently you may have seen a painting or two of our President along with many political cartoons. Did you know that Rob Pruitt did nearly 3,000 paintings of President Obama, one for each day he was in the Oval Office?

Fast forward by three nearly three decades. I've wondered what would happen if Judson did just one stained glass (his specialty) painting of No. 45. This medium is much rarer and takes much longer to produce. With our President's unusual character and aversion to "political correctness," he is not deterred by advice from his own bride who has been known to question his choice of pictures depicted on his numerous book dustcovers. He chooses one which he thinks best delivers his subject mood. Hint: Successful people are quick to make up their minds and slow to change.

Jan. 5, 2020

It was about 4:30 AM on this day on January 5, 2019, that I received a phone call from my daughter, Tara. She requested my driving her to the emergency room because of a kidney stone problem. Little did I know that this would be the last day I'd see her alive. The accompanying photo was taken a few days before as she stood by the Christmas tree she'd decorated.

Memories flood my mind and also reminds me of how each day and association with a loved one holds no promise of another opportunity to communicate. I'm reminded of how important it is to leave an associate on a good note. Isn't it worthy of a reminder to separate from having no regrets if we should never have another opportunity? I knew she was in pain and hugged her with the parting words, "I love you." 

Dying people, we are told, retain one last sense longer than others — that of hearing. I had no expectation, or I would have stayed with her that day. I'd have reassured her of my love for her.

The highest honor to her would undoubtedly be to serve others even as she took great pleasure in making others feel good about themselves through her beloved passion as a cosmetologist. So, there's a lesson for all of us!