Sharing Good Ideas

Mar. 20, 2018

Books are capable of inspiring people to higher achievement than we might imagine. Some of our greatest advances come in times unexpected. With purpose and pre-determined goals serendipitous events are attracted to us. For a youth determined to bring himself or herself to real life change is rare. Occasionally, a story clamours for our attention when a very young child enters the spotlight for outstanding achievement.

At age 12 Earl began seriously to find answers to his questions about why some seem to have "everything" and others lived in poverty. Persisting in his search for 17 years led to reading countless books for clues to radical change he wanted. At age 29 he finally found his answer. For everyone familiar with his secret to success this "Greatest Discovery" attests to the power of purpose. If you heard his recording "The Strangest Secret", you'll be eager to read his book, Earl Nightingale's Greatest Discovery. You can obtain a copy on the website: Great read!

Mar. 17, 2018

"We become what we think about", said Earl. He searched beginning at age 12 to find the key to succeeding. You see his father had deserted him, his mother, Honey and two brothers. Living in extreme poverty he began to wonder, Why do so many fail in life while some seem to 'have it all'. His mother was busy trying to eek out an existence. Her "getaway" and way of travel was through books. Earl picked up the habit of reading to explore his fantasy of having whatever he wanted. After 17 years he discovered and recorded what he called, the "Strangest Secret".

Everyone should begin at some point his or her own search for meaning, purpose and effective service...service "our price for living on the planet". Nothing is there to hold us back but a decision. Decide, desire and start. Old Chinese Proverb: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". 

Start now on a wealth journey: to learn how to save, earn and learn on social media. Opportunity is everywhere. You can discover for yourself what I've been searching for for 20 years, a way to earn from the Internet at home or any place you have social media access.

Mar. 16, 2018

It was a beautiful day in Arizona in August of 2011 after a long anticipated flight for a unique retreat. Diana and Jordan had picked up Kevin, Vicki and me. We were off for a great weekend. Moments they were of meeting for the first time the bride of the late, world-famed, Earl Nightingale. Diana had a great program designed for all of us. One clue she revealed in a conversation I'll never forget: If Earl were alive he would probably not have met with us for the occasion, she indicated. Why? He was so absorbed in his work. A let-down? Maybe. But also a lesson for us all. 

As precious time prompts decisions on how best to spend it, Earl, I understand, you would be excused! Mixing with people is very important. Yet demands are tremendous for the greatest good in making use of our gift of alloted time. I face the challenge each day with the struggle. Work, our service to the world we love, often must take priority over sharing our presence in massive meetings where we are only a face in the crowd. Useful and productive work is sacred and demands our best wisdom while gregarious events clamour for our attention...yes, we miss something by our absence but our work and accomplishment must take priority if our goals are met.  

Mar. 5, 2018

Another great motivational speaker was Earl Nightingale who left behind many recorded messages in print and on audio. March marks the month of his departure form the planet. Let me recommend Diana's book every Nightingale fan should read, Learning to Fly as a Nightingale. I had inquired of Diana's wereabouts and welfare since learning of Earl's death in 1989. It was nearly 20 years before satisfying my curiosity and learning of her book. A real treasure! Look for more of her works shortly and visit as listed on the "Coming Soon!" page of my website.

Feb. 28, 2018

Today is anniversary of the death the all-time great broadcaster, Paul Harvey. A shock it was to the world but his legacy lives on in recordings you can access on YouTube and experience again valuable and life enhancing ideas. A real treat to be entertained, informed, learn and inspired to excell while going about business. Reminds me of the Creator's provision for to all of us if we keep our minds open to growth and learning.